About us

What do we stand for?

Beround is a specialized software consultancy company that has a passion for providing top-tier IT services to our clients.

At Beround, we are passionate about delivering top-tier IT services to our clients. Our team values collaboration, personalization, and continuous growth. With diverse talents forming our Beround DNA, we inspire, challenge, and improve each other daily. We take pride in sharing our expertise and ensuring the best results for you. Join us on our journey as we are #happytoshare.

Knights of the Round Table

Beround embraces the ideas of the Knights of the Round Table. Of course in a modern jacket. Equality, nobly practicing your profession, being there for each other, making and keeping everything negotiable, loyalty and reliability are terms that Beround likes to take as an example.


Round communication

Beround is aware that the right communication is essential to work well together and to successfully carry out assignments. We believe that communication should not only be SMART and active, but also round in shape. The circle of sender – message – receiver is always complete for us.

Finish Work Professionally

Beround thinks you should finish your work professionally. We do this together with you. Together we define the exit criteria and together we work towards a completion that meets our shared expectations.


Beround Team

The Netherlands

Joeri Kraaijestein
Joeri KraaijesteinCEO & Managing director (Beround NL and India)
Simone, Happiness, family & friends, sports, strategic games, good food, TV-shows & movies, Shawshank Redemption, South Korea, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.
Dejan Sakic
Dejan Sakic Partner & Testconsultant
Andrea, Taner, Leon, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Arnhem, skiing, travel, music, TV-shows & movies, Kilimanjaro, team player, personal development, loyalty, “Carpe Diem”.
Sander Treffers
Sander TreffersBusiness unit manager
Ilona, ​​Bente, Niels, Jurre, Sweden, Barneveld, Reeuwijk, badminton, building, connecting, inspiring, outdoor, music, Dutch oven, travelling, movies & TV-shows, games, darts, BBQ, camping, hiking, “Play hard & work Smart”.
Rene Bliekendaal
Rene BliekendaalBusiness unit manager
Laura, Bastiaan, grandson Luca, Hilversum, The Hague, Amersfoort, cycling & mountain biking, gym, wine, Ibiza, good food, shuffleboard master, humour & fun, “Where’s the party? Here’s the party!”
Bas Nab
Bas NabBusiness unit manager
Tygo, Kyrsa, Ede, Airsoft, quad driving, games, Fiat 500, good food, do-it-yourselfer, long-distance travel, personal development, “I’ve never done it, so I think I can do it” .
Ralph Hetharia
Ralph HethariaBusiness unit manager
Jessica, Milano, Naarden, Almere, football supporter, badminton, trout fishing, poker, good food, kickboxing, gym, weekends away, family & friends, cars, Indonesia, “Hand in hand….”
Richard Koekebakker
Richard KoekebakkerBackbone manager
Laura, Luca, Sophia, Gouda, Amersfoort, football (supporter), sports, games, darts, family & friends, good food, humour, going out, loyalty, bingo, festivals, fanatical, “Practice what you preach”.
Matthew Ajadeen
Matthew AjadeenTestconsultant
Aisha, Suriname, Netherlands, Good food, Call of Duty, Role Playing Games (Japanese), Mastering yourself is true power, Share your wisdom, Leading by Example, Connection, Team player.
Linda van Valkenhoef
Linda van ValkenhoefBackbone/In-house coach
Family, personal development, coaching, good food, hotel school, travelling, nature, hiking, reading, “Inspiring others to become the best version of themselves.
Tom van Gendt
Tom van GendtTestconsultant
Céline, Bram, Boaz, badminton, good food, fun, sun, connector, special beers, travelling, Pink Floyd, Gouda, Star Wars.
Yvonne van den Boom
Yvonne van den BoomTestconsultant
Rob, Horse photography, mountain biking, sports, walking in the woods, cooking, traveling, special beers
 Niels Treffers
Niels TreffersTestconsultant
Isja, running, music, fitness, movies & TV-shows, Lord of the Rings, friends, Sweden, Pasta carbonarra, travelling.
Marjolein Droog
Marjolein DroogTestconsultant
Family, Friends, Structure, To move, Experiment, To share, Together, Autonomy, Synergy, Board games, Star Trek Voyager, Light festivals, Aquariums, Deserts, Relaxation is just as important as exercise.
Guido Piket
Guido PiketTestconsultant
Conny, Jip, Tom, Puck, Formula 1, Casa de Papel, Vikings, Lego, baking, good food, “Never too old to learn”, games.
Jose Geerlinks
Jose GeerlinksTestconsultant
Friendships, Spanish, Germany, movies, Amores Perros, Alghero, dancing, 80’s, The Americans, good food, decisive, social, venturous.
Marjolein van Kraanen
Marjolein van KraanenTestconsultant
Faber, Nicky & Casper, video games, sewing, fantasy festivals, Interstellar, Lord of the Rings, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose”.
 Niels Stap
Niels StapTestconsultant
Fleur, Feline, Sofie, Wildlife Photography, Nature, Climate, Gaming, Lord of The Rings, Big Bang Theory, Sushi, Millennial, ICT, Gadgets, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”.
Jacqueline Schafer
Jacqueline SchaferBackbone/ In-house coach
Woman, artist, people person, coach, open-minded, bold, open, Indies, fire, walking, nature, sensitive, independent, Amsterdam, dancing, playing, family, friendships, grateful, “From love and trust”.
Rick de Koning
Rick de KoningTestconsultant
Emma, Pomme, family & friends, sports, dining out, games & tech, extrovert, curious, Game of Thrones/Marvel/The Departed, “ Faber est quisque fortunae suae”.
Hans Ruedisueli
Hans RuedisueliTestconsultant
Marian, Berni & Jasmijn, Milou & Daniël, Almere, Breda, informal care, Running, Movies & TV-shows, camping, family meetings, eating out, wines, Peter James, helping hand.
Bente Treffers
Bente TreffersTestconsultant
Brent, Arnhem, Sweden, travelling, Marvel, reading, podcasts, series, family, helpful, enthusiastic, team player.
Wouter Rijpstra
Wouter RijpstraTestconsultant
Family, friends, Utrecht, soccer, squash, cycling, ice hockey, a good crime TV-show, nature, vacation, music, personal development, helpful.
 Eric Bannink
Eric BanninkTestconsultant
Mexican food, a good book, an exciting TV-show, cryptograms, bridge, The Holy Grail, “Always look on the bright side of life”.
Marlous van Oord
Marlous van OordTestconsultant
Dordrecht, UX/UI Design, animations & movies, Nintendo, books, myths and sagas, Alphonse Mucha, Japan, Florence, instrumental music, Amélie.
Cock van Puffelen
Cock van PuffelenTestconsultant
Ineke, Esther, Steven, Milou, Luuk, Almere, Delft, Badminton, Piano spelen,
Stijldansen, Teamwork, Respect, Beloof wat je kan bereiken en doe wat je
Ka Ho Man
Ka Ho ManTestconsultant
Family & friends, Rotterdam, Hong Kong & China, sports, movies & TV-shows, anime & manga, Gunpla, food & drink, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.
Denise Schweitz
Denise SchweitzTestconsultant
Tech4good, IT, AromaTouch practitioner, art, sharing a moment, life long learning, walking, cycling, swimming, Vagus Nerve Alumna, Formule 1, Touching the Void (Joe Simpson), agile, try out new things.
Clinton Wong
Clinton WongTestconsultant
Curaçao, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Family & friends, loyalty, helpful, Sports/Badminton, Beach, Music, Movies, Gunpla, Anime, “Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want”
Manuel van Schoonhoven
Manuel van SchoonhovenTestconsultant
Dagmar and Teije, Italy, all-round, independent team player, green, good food – good company, music, films, books, mathematics, “Just turn yourself into anything that you think you could ever be.”
Lourens Benningshof
Lourens BenningshofTestconsultant
Lourens-Noa, Charming, friends, Amsterdam/East, Surfing, Health, BBQ, Indonesia, Never too old to learn, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, Quality above Quantity, charity foundations, loyal and reliable, team player, sharing is caring.
Jeroen Wery
Jeroen WeryTestconsultant
Ivy, Joanna, sushi, kurzgesagt, Japan, manga & anime, cooking, cycling, rock, mustang65, personal development, astronomy.

USA & India

Rohan Marfatia
Rohan MarfatiaCEO & Managing director (Beround USA)
Rushabh Shah
Rushabh ShahCOO (Beround India)
Falgun Rathod
Falgun RathodHead of Cyber Security
Kandarp Patel
Kandarp PatelHead of Big Data - ETL
Alex Li
Alex LiInter - USA
Jinzhao Kang
Jinzhao KangIntern- USA