Beround provides expert CRM services using Hubspot and Salesforce to enhance customer interactions and improve profitability. Hubspot offers user-friendly tools for sales and marketing automation, campaign creation, and interaction tracking. Salesforce is a cloud-based platform for managing customer interactions with lead tracking, bottleneck identification, &  in-depth analytics. Contact Beround for quality CRM services to improve customer interactions, retention, productivity, and sales.

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Beround provides high-quality cloud services, including Microsoft and AWS cloud, for streamlined operations and cost savings. Our cloud services offer scalability, security, and flexibility for remote work and market adaptability. Choose Microsoft Cloud for global application deployment, productivity tools access, and customer relationship management, or AWS Cloud for launching and scaling applications, data analysis, and IT resource management. Contact Beround for customized, top-quality cloud services.

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Software testing services are a set of procedures that ensure the software system’s quality meets client expectations. It involves multiple activities that check software attributes like functionality, security, and reliability. Beround provides comprehensive software testing services that include quality control consultation, quality analysis, and test handle management. Our services guarantee the software’s stability, integrity, accessibility, responsiveness, user-friendly interfaces, data transaction ability, and connectivity. Contact us to learn more about our expert software testing services.

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Beround provides high-quality data solutions, such as Databricks, Data, and AI, for improving operations, lowering expenses, and maintaining a competitive edge. Our solutions offer scalability, security, and flexibility to adapt to market shifts. Databricks offers an Apache Spark-based analytics platform for valuable insights, while our AI services offer machine learning, predictive modeling, and collaboration tools. We collaborate with you to choose the best data solution for your needs, providing valuable insights for informed business decisions. Contact us today to elevate your business with our expert data solutions.

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Beround offers a wide range of expert cybersecurity services, such as network security, cloud security, endpoint security, and security assessments, to provide comprehensive protection for your digital assets from diverse cyber threats. As the reliance on digital technologies and online communication continues to increase, ensuring the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of data and systems has become crucial to prevent financial losses, reputational damage, & legal consequences. Our top-notch cybersecurity services aim to minimize risks to your business operations &  protect your digital assets effectively.

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