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Beround is a specialized software consultancy company that has a passion for providing top-tier IT services to our clients. Our team is committed to sharing our knowledge, skills, and values with those around us, and we strongly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve success. Our approach to both our clients and our employees is personal, which allows us to tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Our diverse team members with their different qualities form the Beround DNA, and we inspire, challenge, and improve each other every day on an individual and collective level. At Beround, we are proud to share our expertise and are dedicated to delivering the best results to our clients. We are #happytoshare.

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There is plenty of room and attention for Happiness in the Beround ecosystem. Whether that relates to working together, playing, exercising, eating or simply enjoying each other’s company. It plays an important role in Beround and gives “being” together that positive charge that is so characteristic of us.

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Working at Beround

Do you want work within a purpose-driven organization in a happiness ecosystem to enable outcomes and smiles? Do the mission, vision, appearance, atmosphere and team of Beround appeal to you?  Do you see any possibilities for a win-win situation here? Then please contact us.

Working at Beround

Some of the clients we work with


Beround’s test experiance and knowledge was essential for an important project at Royal Kuijpers. Their professionalism, technical skills, and knowledge of software testing greatly contributed to the project’s success. Beround effectively communicated with stakeholders, transparently reporting progress and quality issues. Beround also shared their expertise with the team, inspiring others and enhancing professionalism.

Royal Kuijpers

Woningborg NV values its constructive partnership with Beround for ICT Test Activities. Beround goes beyond simply delivering resources, offering flexibility, reliability, and partnership in past, current, and future projects. Their knowledgeable consultants align with Woningborg’s strategic choices and provide comprehensive support for all test-related activities. We will continue to rely on Beround as our testing partner for ERP software and other projects in the future.


I like to use Beround’s expertise for my projects. Very nice people to work with, both professionally and personally.

Jos van Ginkel, CEO Gephuro Project Management

We hired the Beround consultants to help give guidance on how to improve our testing structure and process and elevate the professionalism of our testing department. I enthusiastically endorse the Beround consultants for not just their professional expertise but also their collaborative and personable approach. Their deep understanding of testing methodologies significantly boosted our team’s skills, and their friendly teamwork elevated the entire experience. The Beround consultants seamlessly became part of our delivery process, bringing both expertise and a positive vibe, leading to streamlined operations and improved project outcomes and a higher level of professionalism


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Phoebe  Ohayon – Whoozy

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